Understanding Telematics

You may have heard the term ‘telematics’ before. You may have been told it will make your job easier, and you may even be using it without realising it. 

What is Telematics?

Essentially, it’s any system that uses telecommunications and information technology to provide actionable data.

A combination of telecommunications and informatics, Telematics is commonly used to apply to vehicle telematics, where a vehicle’s location and other information is tracked to help business owners better manage their fleets.

The most common use of telematics in fleet management is vehicle tracking. By combining a GPS tracking system with onboard diagnostics, the exact location of a vehicle and the speed at which it is moving can be monitored.

There are several key components of a telematics device:

  • GPS receiver
  • Engine interface
  • Input/output interface (expander port)
  • SIM card
  • Accelerometer
  • Buzzer
  • And many more.

How does telematics work?

Telematic devices retrieve data generated by the vehicle, like GPS position, speed, engine light information and faults, which can then be analysed to provide business insights. 

Telematics works by:

1. Capturing vehicle location data via a GPS enabled device installed in a vehicle.

2. Transmitting data captured over secure cellular networks.

3. Using a web-based software platform to present and visualise vehicle location and driver activity data.

Features of telematics that Teletrack can offer your business

Telematics allows fleet managers to remotely monitor or restrict their usage, automatically mandate pre-start checklists, and diagnose issues off-site

Safe Job Sites/Pre-Starts

Telematics systems enforce and facilitate pre-start inspections, disabling the machine until routine examinations are completed satisfactorily.


Geofencing ensures that your equipment or vehicles are only being used within the boundaries intended. Geofencing is a location-based service with the option to automatically disable vehicles if they’re being used outside a specified area

Remote Immobilisation

Remote immobilisation means that you have the ability to disable your equipment from anywhere in the world. This protects you against theft and lessees breaching agreed usage arrangements

Usage Tracking & Full Diagnostics

Usage tracking gives you full transparency as to how your equipment is being used. Full disclosure of usage provides insights into your business and productivity, while full diagnostics of your equipment immediately identifies any issues


API integrations allow your different software and systems to communicate with one another. Integrated into your rental platforms, the systems allow you to automate many processes and actions. 

Native 4G Environment

Running on the 4G network means that future disruptions, inconveniences and repurchasing of new, modern tracking systems are not necessary for telematics users. 

Benefits of telematics

Telematics has become an essential tool in the trucking and transportation industry. By providing unique insights into vehicles and drivers, telematics offers a wide range of benefits to fleet owners, such as:

  • Improved overall efficiency and productivity of the team by using real-time GPS tracking, trip reporting, and routing tools.
  • Reduced fuel and operational expenses.
  • Promoting proactive vehicle maintenance with predictive maintenance abilities and remote diagnostics.
  • Streamlined organisational communications between employees and management.
  • Increased driver safety with in-vehicle driver coaching, collision notifications and vehicle locating.

Should I use Telematics?

Telematics technology is opening up a new era of modern fleet management, using combined data and insights. Fleets that utilise this new technology will be safer, more cost-effective and ultimately, the ones that succeed in business.

Find the right telematics solution for your business

So, how do you know which solution is right for you and your business?

Our telematics and tracking solutions can be tailored to your business needs. Talk to us today about your business and its specific telematic solution needs. Together we’ll find a custom option to suit, and you can experience a demo for free.

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