The Future of Telematics and GPS Tracking

The future of telematics and GPS tracking

Is there more to telematics than GPS tracking and fleet management? This question, often on the minds of industry professionals, underlines the transformative potential of these technologies.

Over the years, telematics and GPS tracking have reshaped the landscape of asset management, bringing efficiency to operations across many sectors, especially in construction. As we know, the nature of technology is ever-changing and so is the telematics industry.

Current trends are paving the way towards a more integrated and efficient approach to asset management. AI and Machine Learning are becoming more prevalent, enhancing predictive maintenance and ensuring fleets operate at their optimal capacity. 5G connectivity is improving the speed and accuracy of data transfer, enabling real-time decision-making based on precise, up-to-the-minute information.

Integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices is also on the rise, allowing for the automatic tracking of additional data points, such as environmental conditions and usage patterns. This means that companies can now gain a holistic view of their asset’s health and performance in real-time.

At Teletrack, we are not only keeping pace with these advancements but striving to lead the way.

We’re excited to share some of our upcoming features that aim to provide you with even greater control, insights, and convenience.

Damage Reporting: A soon-to-be-released feature is our Damage Report functionality. Operators are able to report damage on a machine instantly by simply scanning the QR code on the asset. This ensures that any issues are swiftly identified and addressed, reducing downtime and maintaining the longevity of the asset.

Off-Hire Assets: We understand that not all assets are continuously in use. That’s why we’re introducing the ability to off-hire assets when an operator is finished using it. This will ensure accurate tracking and reporting of asset utilisation, helping our clients make more informed decisions about their fleet management.

Fault Codes with TrakaX: In an effort to deliver even more comprehensive monitoring, we’re working on an extensive integration with our very own TrakaX tracking device to provide detailed and comprehensive fault codes when they are present. This will provide a deeper level of understanding about the health and performance of your machinery, as each fault code appears, enabling predictive maintenance and reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.

Maintenance Module: Catering to the essential aspect of servicing, our upcoming Maintenance Module will provide a seamless way to schedule and manage the maintenance of your assets. Timely servicing will no longer be a worry with this feature, ensuring your machinery remains in top-notch condition. Automated workflows that schedule maintenance checks and services according to your own customised and fine-tuned settings, mean you can set your parameters then let our platform do the rest to keep your processes working.

Offline Capable App: Recognising that many job sites may be located in areas with poor connectivity, we’re developing an app that can work offline. Operators will be able to conduct pre-starts and operate machinery without interruption, ensuring productivity even when underground or away from service.

Looking further into the future, we envision a world where unmanned rental capabilities become the norm. We’re working towards a system where customers can log on, fill in all the necessary information, make payments, schedule delivery, and hire an asset – all without human intervention. This will offer unprecedented convenience, speed, and flexibility in asset hiring.

With Teletrack, the future of telematics and GPS tracking is not just about knowing where your assets are – it’s about understanding their condition, optimising their usage, and preemptively addressing issues. And that’s a future we’re excited to navigate towards together with our customers.

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