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Our telematics and tracking solutions are tailored to your business and its needs.

Whether you hire your equipment and vehicles out or you’re trying to keep a track of your own internal fleet, Teletrack is here to help. With our telematics solutions, you can take advantage of GPS location tracking, remote access and real-time operational information that give you insights and full control over your resources.

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Do you know exactly where your machinery is, and more importantly, what it’s doing?

Our integrated hardware and software solutions work on all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, allowing you to remotely monitor or restrict their usage, automatically mandate pre-start checklists, and diagnose issues off-site.

Industry solutions

Teletrack is operated exclusively within Australia, and was founded by those working in the industry experiencing the challenges of operating large fleets.



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Safe Job Sites / Pre-Starts

Our systems enforce and facilitate pre-start inspections, disabling the machine’s function until these routine examinations are completed satisfactorily.


Geofencing ensures that your equipment or vehicles are only being used within the boundaries that they are intended to.

Remote Immobilisation

Remote immobilisation means that you have the ability to disable your equipment from anywhere in the world.

Usage Tracking & Full Diagnostics

Usage tracking gives you full transparency when it comes into the way your equipment is being used.


API integrations allow your different software and systems to communicate with one another.

Native 4G Environment

Most tracking systems are run on the 3G network. It is little known that 3G will be phased out in the near future, making these systems redundant and outdated.

Companies that use Teletrack

Companies that use Teletrack

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Talk to us today about your business and its specific telematic solution needs. Together we’ll find a custom option to suit, and you can experience a demo for free.

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