Pre Starts make site and machine safety the number one priority

Teletrack’s pre-start system immobilises your asset until a compulsory inspection is successfully completed

Optimise your work health and safety compliance, streamline asset maintenance, and prevent damage to your assets with this simple step.

Pre-starts protect your business; a revolutionary way to ensure assets are used only in working order and only by licensed operators.

Optimise site safety with Teletrack Pre-Starts Operator induction

Instantly access our online Pre-Start demo

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Operators use a QR code to retrieve the pre-start check on their smartphones via our web-app. Our iOS app is coming soon.

Teletrack Prestarts

Driver ID

Operators use unique RFID, iButtons or keypads to gain access.

Collect pre-start data and monitor safe use

Teletrack collects operator and questionnaire data history from every pre-start to protect your assets and keep your business compliant with workplace health and safety procedures. 

Every operator gains access through an individual login to our web-app (our iOS app is coming soon), keeping the use of your assets secure. With detailed individual records of asset usage, Teletrack ensures operator accountability with every use. 

Managers can also use the Teletrack web-app platform to remotely view usage logs, oversee daily data from pre-start questionnaires, and control operator access based on qualifications and management hierarchy. 

Stop unauthorised and unsafe usage of assets on construction sites, and monitor the ongoing condition of your equipment with Teletrack’s pre-start. 

Fully managed construction site support package - set up your pre-start system with Teletrack

Teletrack supports the set-up of your pre-start system from start to finish, incorporating the unique scope of each individual site for optimal construction site safety. 

Stage 1: Group training session is conducted with managers, sub-contractors and operators. 

Stage 2: The Teletrack pre-start system is set up according to your site set-up and configuration.

Stage 3: Each operator is loaded into the pre-start system with unique login details and inputs their individual licenses and qualifications.

Stage 4: Teletrack creates an induction and instruction video customised to your job site and its nuances.

Stage 5: A customised pre-start questionnaire is created for each unique asset.

Stage 6: Teletrack provides ongoing phone support for operator login and assistance. 

Usage Tracking & Full Diagnostics

Usage tracking gives you full transparency when it comes into the way your equipment is being used. Full disclosure of usage allows you to scrutinise the way lessees are working, as well as giving you insights into your own business and productivity if your machine use is internal. Full diagnostics of your equipment allows any issues to be identified as they arise, meaning that they can be addressed immediately before becoming difficult and expensive to repair. 

Keep your site secure with Operator Induction

New operators can be inducted into the Teletrack pre-start system through a simple digital registration form, accessed via a QR code. 

During the registration process, operators will:

  • Input personal details, relevant qualifications, and licenses to operate machinery.
  • Review a site-specific induction video to familiarise with the job site, its work health and safety practices and procedures, safe use of the asset, and the pre-start questionnaire. 
  • Receive unique login information to be used for every pre-start.

Supervisors or designated health and safety managers can remotely verify operator induction data, view their qualifications and approve access. After induction is completed, the Teletrack system will update the list of IDs that are authorised to enable each asset. 

Once a new operator has had access approved, they will receive an SMS or email with their unique login details. They can now begin enabling any Teletrack asset they are authorised to use by scanning the pre-start QR code and completing the safety questionnaire. 

Work health and safety are paramount on a job site. Improve your construction site safety, avoid costly injuries, and inform your operators of company safety policies and procedures with Teletrack’s operator induction. 

Optimise your business’ safety management with pre-starts

Teletrack’s pre-start system is the latest technology in enforcing safety compliance on the job site.

Unique operator logins provide greater control over who can access your assets
Image-based pre-start questionnaire assesses risks, confirms asset is safe to use and reports damage to service technicians
Assets remain immobilised until an operator login and pre-start safety questionnaire have been successfully completed.

Pre-starts minimise the risk of injury and liability on your site. Completing a pre-start helps ensure that all workplace health and safety risks have been assessed, according to the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and OHSAS Act, before work commences. Machines can only be started when their pre-start has been successfully completed, helping your construction site become more safety-oriented.

Teletrack offers a unique solution for material handling in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and construction sites.

Traditional telematics systems come at great expense with limited functionality and complex installation requirements. The Teletrack Material Handling solution leverages the power of the cloud, 4G networks and smartphones to bring high-functioning telematics at an affordable cost.

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