Pre Starts to make site and machine safety a priority

Safe Job Sites

The Teletrack pre-start system allows site and project managers greater control and visibility over the assets used on site.

Teletrack enforces and facilitates pre-start inspections, immobilising the machine until these routine and safety examinations are completed 100% satisfactorily. This creates a safer job site and equipment is less likely to fail or exacerbate underlying problems that require expensive repairs or replacement parts.

Operator induction

Why your site needs
the Teletrack Pre-Starts


Operators use their smartphones to log in via QR code.


Driver ID

Operators use either RFID, iButtons or keypads to gain access.

Fully managed service

Teletrack offers a unique solution for material handling in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and construction sites.

Traditional telematics systems come at great expense with limited functionality and complex installation requirements. The Teletrack Material Handling solution leverages the power of the cloud, 4G networks & smartphones to bring high functioning telematics at an affordable cost

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