Trailer trackers, truck GPS, fleet tracking and telematics.

Vehicle Tracking

Use Teletrack to keep track of your team, fleet of cars, trucks, trailers, and machinery.

Set geofences on job sites and check asset usage history as well as view usage live. Teletrack systems can be implemented across a range of trades, at a range of sizes. From small family-owned businesses to medium and large contracting companies, Teletrack provides the solution to many problems, including trailer trackers, truck GPS, fleet tracking and equipment tracking. Working in trades can become messy if you don’t know exactly what’s going on at any given time – Teletrack will let you know.

Equipment Rental
Why Trades Use Teletrack

Track everything

Detect whether workers are using company vehicles on weekends, coming to work or returning from lunch late, or leaving work early. Vehicle trackers also detect any unsafe or damaging use of vehicles, such as harsh acceleration or braking.

Live tracking

Driver ID ensures you know who’s operating what vehicle and when. Coordinating jobs becomes easier when you know exactly where your staff, equipment, and machinery attachments are at any given time. Live tracking also detects driver fatigue by giving insights into the number of hours driving.

Set automatic notifications

Set up alerts in case your machine is used outside of your rental agreement terms? Teletrack will tell you straight away, for example, if your machine is operating during a stand-down day.

Equipment Rental
Suitable Hardware

These battery and wired-in trackers are suitable for trades.

RX1 (wired)
VX1 (wired)
VX2 (wired)
BX1 (battery)

Companies that use Teletrack

Companies that use Teletrack

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