Plant Assessors, excavator trackers and more. Telematics for building & construction.

Building & Construction
Improving Site Safety

Teletrack was developed from the start as a unique system for rental companies servicing the building and construction industry.

By making the Teletrack pre-start system mandatory in your arrangements with subcontractors, you’re using Australian technology to make job sites safer and protect your equipment. With Teletrack, you’re always in control. Find out about our plant assessors, excavator trackers and more.

Building & Construction
Why Use Teletrack

Ensure operator competency

Teletrack’s pre-start system means that the machine cannot be started without the operator first completing mandatory steps that protect the machine from being used without the right permissions, safe conditions, and up-to-date maintenance.

Ensure safe operation of machinery

Teletrack makes sure that operators have the correct permissions and are setting up appropriate exclusion zones in work spaces. This means fewer mistakes, fewer accidents, and restricting those who are unfit to even start the machine.

Keep track of maintenance

Teletrack offers comprehensive insights into the machine’s status, including battery life and recent maintenance work. Keeping on top of maintenance with Teletrack means avoiding costly mechanical breakdowns and damages that cause delays in getting the job done.

Full remote control

The problem with renting out your machinery and equipment is that although contracts exist, it’s difficult to check that they’re not being breached – unless you’re equipped with Teletrack. Teletrack systems allow you to not only see where your machine is at all times but also to disable it from wherever you are as you fit.

Equipment Rental
Suitable Hardware

Our wired-in trackers are suitable for the building and construction industry.


Companies that use Teletrack

Companies that use Teletrack

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