Car, vehicle and equipment GPS tracking devices for all industries.

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Teletrack's telematics technology serves various industries with car, vehicle and equipment GPS tracking devices and more. These include rental equipment companies, trades, and the building and construction industry.

Rental companies

Teletrack was originally developed as a software platform for the rental industry. Although the technology has now expanded to serve more industries, it is the rental industry that has always been front of mind for Teletrack. Initially most highly valued for detecting rental leakage, Teletrack’s key advantage has become the pre-start system. Teletrack gives rental companies an extra edge when it comes to telematics, ensuring that although your equipment, vehicle or machine is out of sight, it’s not out of your control and care.


Use Teletrack to keep track of your team, fleet of cars, trucks, trailers, and machinery. Set geofences on job sites and check asset usage history as well as view usage live. Teletrack systems can be implemented across a range of trades, at a range of sizes. From small family-owned businesses to medium and large contracting companies, Teletrack provides the solution to many problems. Working in trades can become messy if you don’t know exactly what’s going on at any given time – Teletrack will keep you updated.

Building and construction

Teletrack was developed from the start as a unique system for rental companies servicing the building and construction industry. By making the Teletrack pre-start system mandatory in your arrangements with subcontractors, you’re using Australian technology to make job sites safer and protect your equipment. With Teletrack, you’re always in control.

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