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Having the right hardware for your businesses needs is key in maximising the results of deploying telematic and tracking solutions. We identify the devices, peripherals and components of hardware required for you.

BX1 (Digital Matter Oyster2)

The Teletrack BX1, manufactured by Digital Matter as the Oyster 2, is one of the best battery trackers on the market. It allows you to simply insert 3 AA lithium batteries to provide an exceptionally long lifetime. The compact BX1 provides long-term asset tracking with high precision in any weather conditions. Tracking insights extend to battery life monitoring, as well as detecting movement-based tracking with an ‘accelerometer’ feature.

RX1 (Digital Matter G62)

The Teletrack RX1 is the most versatile unit we offer. It maintains an important balance between functionality, robustness, and price. This heavy-duty, rugged, and feature-rich tracker is made to withstand the harshest weather conditions, with high-precision. The insights provided by the RX1 extend even to accident and rollover detection, speeding, harsh braking, and other inappropriate usages.

VX1 (Trackbox TB2)

The Teletrack VX1 is a specialised device with the ability to read SAE standard fault codes on the J1939 protocol found on trucks and machinery. The VX1 also features an external antenna.

VX2 (Digital Matter G120)

The Teletrack VX2 is a tracker with some of the most advanced functionality on offer. It has the ability to restrict access, to connect to secondary battery bluetooth trackers for nearby assets and attachments, more inputs for advanced applications, as well as driver ID functionality using 1-Wire (iButtons) and Weigand (keypads/RFID). These features give the VX2 an extra edge.

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