Our integrated hardware and software solutions work on all OEM products.

Benefits to your business

Safe Job Sites/Pre-Starts

Our systems enforce and facilitate pre-start inspections, disabling the machine’s function until these routine examinations are completed satisfactorily. This means that equipment is safer to use, with less likelihood of failure or the exacerbation of underlying problems that require expensive repairs.


Geofencing ensures that your equipment or vehicles are only being used within the boundaries that they are intended to. Geofencing is a location-based service that Teletrack offers, much like an invisible line, with the option to automatically disable vehicles if they’re being used where they’re not meant to. Geofencing can not only act as an anti-theft tool or alert hire companies to their agreements being breached, but can also monitor productivity by tracking when equipment arrives and leaves sites.

Remote Immobilisation

Remote immobilisation means that you have the ability to disable your equipment from anywhere in the world. It means that you’re protected against both theft and lessees breaching the agreed usage arrangements. Remote immobilisation allows you to set a timer on the machine’s active periods, again granting you more control. If lessees are behind in making payments, remote immobilisation can stop them in their tracks until they’re up to date, meaning your business is not taken advantage of. 

Usage Tracking & Full Diagnostics

Usage tracking gives you full transparency when it comes into the way your equipment is being used. Full disclosure of usage allows you to scrutinise the way lessees are working, as well as giving you insights into your own business and productivity if your machine use is internal. Full diagnostics of your equipment allows any issues to be identified as they arise, meaning that they can be addressed immediately before becoming difficult and expensive to repair. 


API integrations allow your different software and systems to communicate with one another. The result is Teletrack being integrated into your rental platforms, allowing you to automate an array of features. Teletrack comes with a customer version for your lessees, and a management version for you that’s particularly useful when managing the hire of larger fleets. 

Native 4G Environment

Most tracking systems are run on the 3G network. It is little known that 3G will be phased out in the near future, making these systems redundant and outdated. With all the latest industry innovations, Teletrack is run on the 4G network. This means that future disruptions, inconveniences and repurchasing of new, modern tracking systems will not occur for our users. 

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