Case study: Protecting their equipment

Case studies
Protecting their equipment

One of our clients working on a tunnel project needed to avoid the problems of similar projects that often saw multi-million dollar machinery damage bills.

When investigating the problem, it became apparent that in most cases, machines had been taken underground by workers that were not authorised to do so, and in some cases unlicensed to operate the machines at all.

As the tunnel project was of such large scale, with a team of hundreds working around the clock, it had been impossible to hold individuals accountable for the damages and to prevent recurrence.

Teletrack implemented a driver identification system with the option of either a keypad or swipe card in order for the machine to be activated and used.

The outcome of this was that not only were approved individuals able to solely use the machines, but the ability to track which operators were using and damaging the machines improved accountability.

On top of this, the project manager and his team could also track their machine and operator utilisation on their own end to more easily manage their fleet.