Case study: Use of Pre-start system

Case studies
All Lift

All Lift - Teletrack's founding client. In 2019, starting with a small rollout of our GPS telematics system, All Lift made use of the Teletrack software to immobilise machines hired by customers with payment issues. They quickly realised a return on investment just by pinpointing and rectifying this one instance of rental leakage.

How does All Lift use Teletrack?

Over time we developed more capabilities to track rental leakages such as stand-down breaches, weekend use and overuse. All Lift was able to monitor and analyse their rental leakage data through easy-to-use reports, so they could focus on implementing actionable solutions.

Over time new opportunities developed. Our pre-start system with immobilisation, developed through our work with All Lift, won exclusivity on Tier 2 construction projects. 

The pre-start system is a fully managed service from Teletrack 

What issues have been resolved by Teletrack?

  • Setting up individual construction site safety information in the system;
  • Preparing induction videos to inform new operators about safe use of assets;
  • Creating pre-start safety questionnaires for each unique asset type; 
  • Setting up the operator induction software so every operator is registered in the system with a unique Driver-ID.

With Pre-start, All Lift eliminated the need for labour certification and payroll audits during construction, saving them time and money. 

Teletrack’s tools of GPS trackers, asset intelligence and Pre-start help All Lift get the most out of their business. 

In 2022, All Lift started retrofitting their entire fleet with TrakaX a fault code and WiFi/Bluetooth compatible device. Customers will be able to experience new insightful ways to understand how their hires are used and retrieve better data-driven feedback on operator requirements.

The asset rental industry has always been front of mind for us at Teletrack and while we have now expanded to multiple other industries, creating solutions for rental companies is at the forefront of our software development. We continue to see additional benefits from All Lift’s use of Teletrack.